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Whether you call it iconoclastic, challenging conventions, smashing down barriers or breaking the mould, TART Gallery in London is central in forging new perspectives in art, giving voice and space to contemporary female artists unapologetically.

The gender imbalance in how artists are represented is stark, with 70% of artists represented by London galleries being men, and art by female artists averaging nationally a mere 3% of collections. TART Gallery London is  a  bold,  exciting  approach  to art  that  seeks  to redress  these  imbalances,   by providing a platform for innovative female and male voices who share a common passion for inclusivity.

Art, Thy Name is Woman!
The creative powerhouse behind TART Gallery London is founder Teresa, whose passion for a level playing field in the art world drove her to act and to make a difference. TART Gallery London’s aim is not only to show the work of creatives but also to provide support and to keep them active in today’s art world. Teresa has over twenty years of experience in dealing with some of the biggest names in art and is now focusing her vast experience to provide a platform for artists who share her vision.

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