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Of Swedish and Jamaican heritage, she has always occupied her own space, having a foot in more than one culture, more than one ethnicity, more than one language - neither outside nor inside. Her art has always reflected this fascinating cultural duality.


Her paintings are about the space between dreams and reality, or the time between night and day, when slightly strange things can happen. But there is also a criticism of the white, male, Eurocentric power structure – in the pest-like presence of the ‘Bunny Boys’, forever in the way.

Harrison is using the visual language of satire to express a criticism of the constant ‘taking’ of part of black culture, and at the same time celebrating the beauty and strength of black women in a Eurocentric world, one in which they are usually put at the bottom of the pile. In her work the power structure is flipped, to humorous effect.


BA, Central St Martins.

Annis has exhibited with TART Gallery London

at Fitzrovia Gallery. 2022

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