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Corrie Wingate


The themes she explores are intergenerational trauma, the dynamics of relationships and displacement. Her painting style is heavily influenced by the art that surrounded her youth, the colours, emotions and ideas of the German expressionists. But her work not only inhabits the past, she is also inspired by the creative expression of children’s artwork and the colour and light of Kenya where she founded an art centre and continues to live part time. 

She is a member of the Turps off site studio program 22-23.

She works from her studio at The Koppel Project Station, Hampstead, North London and lives part time on Lamu island, Kenya.

TART's Open Call Winner. 2023

Corrie Wingate began her career as a travel and documentary photographer before transitioning to painting full time in 2020.


She continues to mine her photographic archive, family photos and memories as a springboard for ideas.  Her paintings are figurative and yet emphasised by an inner psychological state over replicating reality. There is an economy to her brush marks, the painting surfaces are often left raw and exposed to compliment her use of saturated colours and layers of texture. From expressive and gestural mark-making to gentle and precise brushstrokes, her work is sensitive, enigmatic and playful. 


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