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Figurative oil painter, printmaker and musician. 

Slade School of Fine Art.


“I find painting a pleasure. My work is intuitive by nature, expressing aspects of my current life and psychological state. I have an urge to create and describing forms in paint feels natural to me. I aim to communicate the beauty – and sometimes darkness – that is in the world around us. I do not wish to prescribe meaning to the themes in my work, but to let the painting talk for itself. The process of painting for me is a means of discovery. In the process of doing the work, I seek to be fundamentally grounded in the subjectivity of human experience and retain its sense of mystery. There are many divides in our culture but I would hope that through the simple balance of form, line and colour on canvas, a painter can do a small part in closing those divides, for to bridge gaps between minds is surely why we indulge in manifesting our creative spirit.”

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