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My work is about subconsciousness, my experience with synesthesia and my years of struggle with mental health problems. I am using colours and the form of ancient Chinese poetry to visually express humans' most vital and most common emotions, including the desire for love, the fear of inevitable death, and the indomitable spirit that wants to live and become better.

Ancient Chinese poetry focuses on rhythm, balance, colour and imagery, is full of emotion and often contains Chinese philosophy. I draw inspiration from the emotional resonance of how it uses sound, colour and blending of different senses to express emotions in poetry. I explore the possibility of blending my paintings not only visually but also with the senses of touch and hearing from my experience of hallucinations and synesthesia.

Everything is fluid and transitory. Inspired by Eastern Philosophy, I want to use my work to poetically depict the longing for love and happiness, the fear of separation and death, and the gratitude for being alive and here. I visually expressed these emotions I have experienced as a way of validating feelings people are experiencing, affirming their efforts, and encouraging them not to give up.


MA in Illustration and Visual Media. University of the Arts London in 2021.

Hubei Institute of Fine Arts in Painting in 2019. University in Wuhan, China.

TART's Open Call Winner. 2023

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