Mia Wilkinson

Through my work I create compositions of the ‘female’ body forming narratives from original collages, drawings and paint. My paintings explore proximity and entanglement embodying current emotional and subconsciously habitual values about the female body and status in a current media culture. Despite their commodification and abjection these performers powerfully return and navigate the objectifying gaze of the viewer, with humour and powerful resilience.  


Purposely provocative, blurring the boundary between actual and virtual appearance.  My depictions of the female form are an exploration of this malleable line, using the joyous, exaggerated and sometimes grotesque portrayals of the female body as a method of challenging objectification and reconfiguring a classical male gaze in figurative painting. Sometimes resembling excrement, sometimes ice cream, the deliciously repulsive bodies of the women in my paintings are sculpted by their environment and the animals or cherubic figures that surround them.  


The figures I paint morph into bizarre avatars, uncertain of their identity and driven by ludicrous compulsions. Humour is a vital essence in the work; the paintings are brimming with ribald narratives, creating claustrophobic scenarios, which topple onto the space of the viewer, creating a pantomime of entangled bodies, in surreal, burlesque oppositions. There is an ambiguity of dominance and submission, jostling the norms of classical painting, from Rubens to Delacroix, to attempt to find where a contemporary female painter can belong. The work aims to seduce, as well as unmask social absurdities and satirise gender stereotypes.  

Originally from the North East I now reside in East London and have a studio in Tottenham.