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Pippa Thomas


Pippa Thomas is a contemporary artist based in Scotland. Graduating from Falmouth University with a BA in Fine Art in 2013. She held her first solo exhibition in 2019 at Stillpoint Spaces London. Thomas has since been shortlisted for the John Byrne Award. Her next solo show opens in Glasgow in August 2023 at The New Glasgow Society.

TART's Open Call Winner. 2023

Pippa creates a visual world through her paintings, drawings and prints, in which she explores human connection, pain and hope. Her work enables an unpicking of the complexities, and nuances of her own healing from deep hurts. Whilst exploring the wider themes of human destruction and nature's persistent reclamation and recovery of our ravagin.

Using her imagination Pippa draws and paints figures, greeting them on the page as she creates. These sides of self encounter others amongst vibrant landscapes, inspired by the Celtic Rainforest. A place that is both important to the artist and environmentally significant. A vanishing, sacred place to be protected.  

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