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Ella Shepard is a painter, drawing on personal and collective memories to create works that deeply connect with time, flux and the instability of a moment. Moments shift, memories change, lights flicker and suddenly we are experiencing something completely altered and fragmented. Like reality, the paintings are fractal, they exist on multiple planes.  In an internal world they are teetering on the edge of dissolve, with a psychological resonance towards poetic space and quiet intimacy. They borderline illusion and reality, in a collaged dialogue between construction and deconstruction and abstraction and figuration. They are fragile, fleeting and temporary.

Master of Arts, Painting Degree, Distinction, [2021 - 2022]

Bachelor of Arts Hons, Fine Art Degree, Oxford Brookes University, First Class, [2013-2016]

TART's Open Call Winner. 2023.

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