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Storey fascination about the painting as a form of art is the richness of its aspects: the composition, the choice of palette, the myriad ways one can lay the paint, the subject – and that just to name but a few. As she goes along her focus of attention varies and wanders from one aspect to another and quite often one dictates the other. But the subject remains always the same;

"What fascinates and intrigues me in equal measure is us, the people. What subject could be more diverse and complex than the attempt to capture the way we react, interact, how the life leaves a mark and imprints itself on our faces and bodies. There is a true beauty there and so it is in ordinary life."

Storey deliberately avoid any identifiable context or narrative which, she hope, encourages viewer own interpretation of her very own world encapsulated on canvas.

Solo exhibition at  Eggison Daniel. Mayfair. London
The Other Art Fair. London

Currently studying Portrait Painting.  Heatherley's School of Fine Art.

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