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Amanda Horwood

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I aim to trigger a particularly strong emotion, different feelings. Sometimes, I hope to create something other-worldly. It’s a wish or a hope for more. I don’t believe in in life after death but wish there was something else.Each art work is (in a sense)a small part that belongs to a larger collection. I see the different paintings as part of a larger body of work that reflect on the broader tapestry of my life. A Gestalt.

TART's Open Call Winner. 2023

I work from the heart, using my personal history and stories. The work is a mixture of planned and unplanned. Memories and imagination are accessed by letting my subconscious take the lead. I am fascinated by human relationships, attachments - our psychology and habits. Fragility and mortality appears in my work. I process trauma through the art process. Exploring my own human experience and existence.

My work is bold and colourful. I use intense colour, either with mixed media, gouache and fluorescent paints.

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