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Eleanor Daly

PIC_ Eleanor Daly_Screen Shot 2023-05-05 at 12.51.54.png

b. 1999. Amsterdam. Netherlands. Daly is a Fine Art oil painter, with a focus on portraiture and contemporary still life. Drawing on personal feelings of misguided recklessness and substance abuse, Daly frenetic painting energy mimics this intoxication.


Daly works from a montage of her own photographs and stock images to highlight the pre-existence of caricatures of misspent teenage-dom; girls gone wild, the repulsive underclass, gorping at helplessly drunk girls and the narrative consequences. Using a sub-realism style that pushes beyond the colours and structural boundaries of lived reality, Daly presents vulnerability as tongue-in-cheek.

Goldsmiths BA Fine Art.

2021 Freeland’s Painting Prize Winner.


Daly has exhibited with TART Gallery London

at the House Of St. Barnabas. 2022

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