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Issues about immigration, notions of territory, identity and displacement inspire and preoccupy Fernandez, as she seeks to emphasise the sociopolitical embedded in found imagery. A reconstructed memory seems to emerge from both her bi-dimensional and tridimensional work (installations and sculptures). Disciplines and techniques intermingle and feed each other in her studio.

Her multidisciplinary practice goes from large formats or very intimate bi-dimensional and sculptural works such as installations and immersive pieces that incorporate drawing, painting, set design and sculpture. She parts from a combination appropriated news and social media posts' found imagery and her own photographs taken with her phone camera, while her older works continue to inspire her, finding new pathways and series. Her background in journalism, social sciences and theatre set design inform her practice  such as  how she sources and uses found imagery and information, the way she establishes connections between them  and how she uses materials, builds and present her works.


Fernández is  very invested in hand-intensive processes and is drawn to emphasise the inherent materiality of her works, in a continuous material exploration and experimentation, as she is always looking to develop their sculptural possibilities.

Fine Art -painting and sculpture- in the Armando Reveron University Institute (now called UNEARTE), Social Sciences, Media and Drama-Set Design in Universidad Catolica Andres Bello, all in Caracas. Venezuela.

Royal Scottish Academy Summer Exhibition.

Exhibition at the Museo Alejandro Otero, Caracas. Venezuela.

Renata collaborates on projects with galleries and curators in Venezuela, UK - and the rest of Europe- and Singapore.

TART Gallery London exhibition at The House

of St. Barnabas. 2022

TART Factory. 2023

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